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The Great Consuming Darkness
United States
There's nothing remarkable that I can share about myself that will make this little ID box any more interesting. I doodle fan art and scribble fanfiction here and on aff. I have a Livejournal community called Padnats Forever for X-Men slash. I also write RoLo fic on the Rolo Realm under the same username I have here.

My favorite fandoms are Archies, New Mutants, X-Men, Teen Titans, Batman, Smallville, and Angel.

Current Residence: planet Earth, I think
Favourite style of art: Romanticism, pointilism or Impressionism
Favourite cartoon character: Wonder Woman or Spongebob

I’ve been out on DeviantArt for several years now, and this is the first time I’m actively taking commissions, or at least offering them. (Taking them probably means someone actually requesting them, doesn’t it?) 

I’m in a bind. My oldest spawn got into a fender-bender this spring and was at fault; 'nuff said.

The nice thing about me is, I work cheap. I can’t draw anything photorealistically, but I can make a face look like a face, a foot look like a foot, etc. I love cartoons and comics, as you’ve seen from my gallery. My style is wonky and minimalist.

I may be posting this to echoes and crickets, but I am listing my junk – er, art – at the following prices. I have PayPal, and I will gladly message you my email address if you choose to commission me.


Anatomical-style sketches: (“superhero” stature and poses):

Nocturne revisited by originalceenote

Single figure character, full body, black and white – $10.00

Additional character, same sketch - $5.00 per figure

Color sketch, same criteria as above – add $5.00 to base price


“Cartoony” sketches (Muppets, Smurfs, Archies, etc.)

Fetch Me SMURFBERRIES for My PIES by originalceenote

Single figure character, full body, black and white - $7.00

Additional character, same sketch - $3.50 per figure

Color sketch, same criteria as above – add $5.00 to base price


I won’t charge you extra for a simple background, unless you want something complex. By “complex,” we’re talking crooked trees and a few blades of grass, or houses that look like squares topped by triangles. Seriously. Backgrounds aren’t my thing…


Things Cee Doesn’t Draw:

Porn. You’ll notice it vanished from my gallery a couple of years ago, to make it “work-safe.” If my friends and family can Google me, then can search my DA account, too, and question my mental health…

Full nudity. I have kids, and they use my computer more than I do, now. Lingerie or skimpies are fine.

Violence or gore.

Anything with fur.


Photorealistic. Not because I don’t want to, but because I can’t.

Any racist imagery or anything overtly demonic, unless it’s an established character, like Mephisto, but knowing me, it would probably end up being a Muppet Mephisto. Just nothing too creepy, folks.


And that’s that. Message me here with a DA Note and include your email address that I will send your images to. I'm not interested in free requests or art trades at this time. Sorry.




  • Listening to: my family watching TV
  • Reading: other people's fic
  • Watching: my hair turn gray... bah.
  • Playing: with the idea of ice cream
  • Eating: pork chop
  • Drinking: water

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Your work definitely deserved the fave. You draw males well.
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Thanks for the compliment on my gallery.  I've been a big fan of your Lomy fanfiction, and was happy to find you have a gallery, as well :) 

My muse having finally decided to pay me a visit again, I've added a couple new pix. You're more than welcome to swing on by and take a peek.  :happybounce: 
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Of course! And thank you! :)
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